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Cromwell Hills Pool is a Morristown treasure known for its lively vibe, family atmosphere and neighborhood camaraderie. It is a member-run, private club that is the perfect place to spend the summer. Unique from the town pools, we offer a casual, safe and fun environment for all ages.  We have limited spots available for the 2024 season.


  • Convenience: Close to home.  Lounge chairs, umbrellas, tables/chairs are included.  Access to grills and refrigerator.  
  • Friendships: Opportunity to get to know your neighbors in a relaxed setting.
  • Exclusive Events: Year-round events from live music and yoga classes to themed parties such as Kentucky Derby and Bollywood.
  • Generous Guest Passes: Each member is entitled to up to 20 guest passes per season.
  • Co-Ownership and Home Values: The pool is run by its members so everyone has the opportunity to contribute to its success.  Directly adds to the value of our homes. 


Resident Membership: Greater Cromwell Hills residents may join the pool for $625 per season and are required to purchase a bond or provide proof that a bond was acquired through the purchase of their home. Members are required to participate in a work day or pay a work day fee of $175 per year.  Includes 20 guests per season or up 5 guests on a single day.

Non-Resident Membership: Non-residents may join the pool for $800 per season.  They are not required to participate in a work day/pay a work day fee and are not eligible for a bond.  Includes 20 guests per season or up 5 guests on a single day.

Junior Season Pass: Friends of member families between the ages of 9 and 23 may obtain a junior pass for $220 per season. Guest passes not included.

Senior Season Pass: Former members over 65 years of age who own a bond may join the pool for $220 per person or $280 per couple.  Includes 3 guest days.


Click here to access our membership application.

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